Cyfieithiad yma'n fuan...

It’s widely believed that when it comes to running a successful website, content is king. Website visitors don’t want to read the same tired old text on every website they visit, or see the same stock images a dozen times a day. If you want your online content to stand out, be found, and be shared, these days you must dare to be different.

AQUA Social’s content marketing services will keep your content fresh, helpful, interesting and – crucially – sharable. If every online share is considered a ‘vote’ as far as search engines are concerned, why be a one-hit wonder when you could be the online equivalent of a platinum-selling artiste?

Working closely with a carefully-selected network of trusted partners, AQUA Social can provide a range of content marketing services to help your online content be found, enjoyed and shared:

  • Reinvigorate tired website copy to better satisfy your customers’ needs, and be rewarded with kudos from search engines
  • Avoid the pitfalls of publishing duplicate content by replacing manufacturers’ hackneyed boilerplate text with unique, carefully-crafted product descriptions that customers and search engines will love
  • Dust off your barely-used company blog and demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership with regular well-researched, expertly-written articles
  • Images, video and audio content, smartphone apps, e-books... AQUA Social can source and project-manage all of these and more, giving your organisation the edge over competitors and more reasons for visitors to give your website the thumbs-up.

With over 20 years’ experience and expertise in marketing communications, strategy, branding and more, AQUA Social has the solid know-how for breathing new life into your online content. A medrwn ni wneud popeth drwy’r Gymraeg, hefyd!

To find out more about how AQUA Social can help with content marketing services, call us on 0845 812 7181 or email