Cyfieithiad yma'n fuan...

The best things in life are free – but sometimes they become even better when you give them a bit of a boost.

The same can be said of social media marketing.

Sometimes a little boost – a sponsored post here, a pay-per-click campaign there – can help turn good results into amazing results; but the techniques involved can’t be learned overnight, and that’s where AQUA Social’s experience in both digital and traditional marketing are invaluable.

  • Which posts should you be boosting, and why?
  • Who should your ads target, and how?
  • What are Facebook’s rules on running competitions?
  • How should you interpret campaign insights?
  • How do your social media advertising campaigns fit into your marketing mix?
  • How much should you pay per engagement? And what types of engagement are worth paying for?

In our (vast) experience, the answers to these questions are different for every organisation – indeed, for every campaign. Figuring it out for yourself takes time, and when that’s in short supply, expensive mistakes can be made.

Why leave your social media advertising results to chance? AQUA Social can put together a costed campaign plan, put the plan into action, and deliver the results that will boost your business – all for impressively affordable fees.

To find out how social media advertising services from AQUA Social can benefit your organisation, call 0845 812 7181 or email