Visit Snowdonia

Since 2009 AQUA Social has been working with Gwynedd Council to promote the Visit Snowdonia brand, which informs tourists and residents about the Snowdonia Mountains and Coast marketing area.

In the eight years since developing the digital marketing strategy, our work on the project has included:

  • Providing consultation on search engine optimisation for the original Visit Snowdonia website, and providing website copywriting services for pages of the website that relate to other, connected projects in which AQUA Social has also been involved
  • Providing further advice on the usability, content and optimisation of the new Visit Snowdonia website, which is due to launch toward the end of 2017
  • Creating a blog at where we have written and published over 150 articles about Snowdonia, including its history and culture, activities, attractions and town/village guides
  • Setting up and managing the Visit Snowdonia social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest
  • Many digital advertising campaigns using a variety of platforms, including Google AdWords, Twitter ads, Facebook ads and banner advertising on related websites
  • Organising and overseeing the production of several videos promoting the Snowdonia region

AQUA Social has consistently beaten targets in every aspect of the work done for Visit Snowdonia, including:

  • Increasing website visitor numbers from under 5,000 unique visitors per month to over 80,000 unique visitors per month
  • Gaining 25,000 followers on Facebook and 17,000 followers on Twitter, the majority of whom are extremely engaged with the Visit Snowdonia brand
  • Coming in over target and under budget on several Google AdWords campaigns designed to drive additional traffic to the Visit Snowdonia website
  • Vast reach on Facebook posts, an example of which is a video post which had a reach of over a million people, over 358,000 views and more than 26,000 interactions (likes, comments and shares)
  • The Visit Snowdonia website is in the top three results on Google for all targeted keywords/phrases, and has been for several years
  • The Visit Snowdonia blog receives an average of more than 500 views per day during the peak tourism season
  • Videos at the Visit Snowdonia YouTube channel have been viewed over 392,000 times, and the channel itself has over 530 subscribers

Tourism Partnership Mid Wales

AQUA Social has worked with Tourism Partnership Mid Wales to promote several projects, including:

  • Providing search engine optimisation services to promote the Meirionnydd area of Southern Snowdonia
  • As part of the Tourism Cluster Development Project, AQUA Social worked with existing tourism groups in Meirionnydd to review business plans and develop new action plans
  • In 2014 we developed, coordinated and delivered a series of workshops over the course of three weeks, attended by rural businesses from the Cambrian Mountains area. These workshops were designed to help the businesses develop and implement their own digital marketing and social media marketing plans, create and manage their own social media accounts, and informed the business owners of best practice in the use of social media to promote their businesses. The course also included training on using and maintaining a WordPress website; every business was given a small WordPress website on which they could practise the techniques they learned on the course
  • The marketing sessions were followed up with one-to-one support for each business, enabling AQUA Social to tailor the more general advice and techniques to the needs of the individual businesses

A further project involving Tourism Partnership Mid Wales in partnership with other organisations included the following:

  • Developing a marketing and communications plan for the Eryri Centre of Excellence Project
  • Providing search engine optimisation and digital marketing services for this project, including writing website copy, writing and publishing blog posts and providing social media management services.